Keynote Lectures​

 Zaven Khachatourian1  William Chilian1  Yenkoyan
 Prof. Zaven Khachatourian, PhD



(301) 294-7201[O]
(301) 602- 4504 [M]


President, Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease by 2020, Inc, [PAD 2020]

Editor-in-Chief, Alzheimer’s Dementia: Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association

Senior Science Advisor to the Alzheimer’s Association

Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Emeritus President & CEO, Lou Ruvo Brain Institute [a.k.a. Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, Las Vegas, NV]


President, Lou Ruvo Brain Institute/Keep Memory Alive, Las Vegas, NV

Senior Associate, Khachaturian & Associates Inc [An International Consulting Group re: Strategic Planning –Development – Marketing – Evaluation of Programs on Alzheimer’s Disease & Aging]

Director, Ronald & Nancy Reagan Alzheimer Research Institute, Alzheimer’s Association

Director, Office of Alzheimer’s Disease Research, National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health

Associate Director, Neuroscience & Neuropsychology of Aging Program, National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health

Vice President for Research, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Professor, Health Services Administration, Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh

Interim Scientific Director, University of Pittsburgh Biotechnology Center


Program Development – Biomedical research & clinical studies/services related to Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and aging

Research on Aging Brain – Neurobiology of memory and neuroplasticity [learning]

‘Unifying Theories’ of brain aging and neurodegeneration

Strategic Planning & Public Policy Analysis/Formulation re: national scientific programs


His contributions and leadership in the field of brain aging and AD have been widely recognized by numerous awards, such as:

NIH Director’s Award, 1983 – “In recognition of sustained and successful efforts in developing the Neuroscience of Aging Program and for leadership in the NIA’s initiative on Alzheimer’s disease.”  Awarded by the National Institutes of Health.

Senior Executive Service, 1988 – Appointed a member of the SES by the Secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services.

“We Remember Award”, 1988 – “…for promoting the course of Alzheimer’s disease.”  Given by Duke University.

Scientist of the Year, 1992 – Given by the Maturity News Service.

President’s Award, 1993 – “In recognition as the chief architect of the National Institute on Aging program to combat Alzheimer’s disease … and with an academic background as a neuroscientist and his skill as a dedicated Federal official, he proceeded to develop the vision, then planned for recruitment, organization and support of an army of scientist devoted to the twin goals of better understanding Alzheimer’s disease and discovery of biomedical methods to combat it”.  Given by the Alzheimer’s Association

Public Service Award [co-honoree, with Mrs. Nancy Reagan] – The New York City Rita Hayworth Gala, 1996

Zaven Khachaturian Award”, 2004 – An award established by the Alzheimer’s Association to recognize in the future “individuals whose compelling vision, selfless dedication and most extraordinary achievement have significantly advanced the field of Alzheimer science.”

“Donabedian International award – 2009” – for an important contribution to the field of Health and Health Quality by the Avedis Donabedian Foundation/Institute, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain. “Professor Khachaturian is a world leader in research and creation of research networks to improve people’s life and to make possible a dream of collaborative research in Alzheimer and other chronic brain disorders building bridges across disciplines and countries”

 Prof. William Chilian, PhD

William Chilian Ph.D.

Chair of Integrative Medical Sciences and Professor of Physiology

Department of Integrative Medical Sciences

College of Medicine

Phone: (330)325-6426

Location: RGE-335


University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri; Ph.D., 12/80

Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas; M.S., 05/76

St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota; B.A., Honors in Biology, cum laude 05/74

Professional Experience

Professor and Chair, Department of Integrative Medical Sciences, Northeast Ohio Medical University – 06/01/07-present

Superchair of Basic Cardiovascular Research, Department of Physiology, LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans, Kenneth A. Ardoin/Pfizer – 06/14/02-05/31/07

Professor, Department of Physiology, LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans – 06/01/02-05/31/07; Chair – 06/01/02-05/15/06

Professor, Department of Physiology, Medical College of Wisconsin – 01/01/96-05/31/02

Associate Director, Cardiovascular Center – 04/01/00-05/31/02

Professor, Department of Medical Physiology, College of Medicine, Texas A&M University Health Science Center – 09/01/94-12/31/95

Visiting Scientist, Department of Experimental Cardiology, Max-Planck-Institute for Clinical Physiology, Bad Nauheim, Germany – 09/01/93-08/31/94

Associate Professor, Department of Medical Physiology, College of Medicine, Texas A&M University Health Science Center – 09/01/91-08/31/95

Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Physiology, College of Medicine, Texas A&M University – 01/01/87-08/31/91

Assistant Research Scientist, Department of Internal Medicine and the Cardiovascular Center, University of Iowa – 07/01/82-12/31/86

Adjunct Associate, Department of Physiology and Biophysics, University of Iowa – 07/01/83-06/30/84

Research Fellow, Department of Internal Medicine and The Cardiovascular Center, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa – 09/01/80-06/30/82

Research Interests

Regulatory Mechanisms in the Coronary Microcirculation

Coronary Angiogenesis and Arteriogenesis

Non-linear Behavior of Biological Systems

Mechanosensitive Gene Expression and Signal Transduction

Redox Regulation of Ion Channel Function


1. American Physiological Society, 1978-present

2. Microcirculatory Society, 1984-present

3. American Heart Association, Fellow of the Council on Circulation, 1986-1999; Fellow on the Council for Basic Cardiovascular Sciences; Fellow of the American Heart Association,1999-present

4. American Physiological Society, Fellow of the Cardiovascular Section, 1989-present



Areas of Research:

Regulatory Mechanisms in the Coronary Microcirculation

Coronary Angiogenesis and Arteriogenesis

Regenerative Approaches to Stimulate Coronary Collateral Growth

Coronary Microvascular Disease


2001 Robert M. Berne Distinguished Lecturer

2002 Kenneth Ardoin Superchair in Basic Cardiovascular Research

2003 Konard Witzig Lecturer, Cardiac Systems Dynamics Society, Sendai Japan

2004 Spinoza Lecturer, University of Amsterdam

2013 Landis Award, Microcirculatory Society

2014 Wiggers Award, American Physiological Society​

Prof. Konstantin Yenkoyan, PhD

Konstantin B. Yenkoyan

Vice-Rector for Science and Research, professor

Date/place of birth

17 August 1982, Baku.

Educational Background

1989 – 1999 High school No. 55 after A.P. Chekhov, Yerevan, Armenia.

1999 – 2005 Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi, Faculty of General Medicine, graduate excellent with honors, Yerevan, Armenia.

2005 – 2007 Residency in Clinical Biochemistry in Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi, Yerevan, Armenia.

Work Experience

2002 – Technician in Biochemistry Department of Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi

2005 – Senior technician in Biochemistry Department of Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi

2005 – Assistant Professor in Biochemistry Department of Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi

2005 – 2007 Deputy Dean of Foreign Students Dean office of Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi

2007 – 2008 Deputy Dean of Faculty of Postgraduate and Continuing Education of Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi

2009 – Associate Professor in Biochemistry Department of Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi

2012 – Professor in Biochemistry Department of Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi

2012 – Member of the team, preparing self-evaluation report of Yerevan State Medical University for international accreditation on institutional and programme (General Medicine) level after Mkhitar Heratsi

2013 – Head of QA Commission of General Medicine Faculty of YSMU

2014 – Vice-rector for Science of Yerevan State Medical University

Research Activity

2006 – Ph.D. in Medicine

2010 – Doctor of Science in Biology and Medicine Trainings and Conferences (in scientific field)

2001 “Biochemical and Molecular – Biological Mechanisms of Brain Immune System” International Conference, Yerevan-Tsakhadzor, Armenia.

2002“3rd I.P.S.F. Scientific Symposium”, Yerevan, Armenia.

2002 “Jubilee Scientific Conference of Medical Students Devoted to the 10th Anniversary of the Foundation of Armenian Student’s Parliament”, Yerevan, Armenia.

2003 “Frontiers in Neurodegenerative Disorders and Aging: Fundamental Aspects, Clinical Perspectives and New Insights” Advanced Research Workshop for PhD and Postdoctoral Students organized by IUBMB, FEBS and NATO, Antalya, Turkey.

2005 “1st Greek-Armenia International Medical Forum and 3rd International Congress for the Third and Fourth Age”, Yerevan, Armenia.

2005 “Protein Misfolding, Protein Modification and Age-Related Diseases”, Spetsai Summer School for PhD and Postdoctoral Students organized by EMBO and FEBS, Island of Spetses, Greece.

2005 “Students Scientific Jubilee Medical Conference Dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of YSMU”, Yerevan, Armenia.

2005 “International Scientific Conference Dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of YSMU after M. Heratsi”, Yerevan, Armenia.

2006 “FEBS Forum for Young Scientists”, Istanbul, Turkey.

2006 “31st FEBS Congress. Molecules in Health and Disease”, Istanbul, Turkey.

2006 Alzheimer’s Association 10th International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders, Madrid, Spain.

2006 Workshop on “Molecular and Cell Biology at Spetsai: Past, Present and Future of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology” 40Years’ Spetsai Summer School Anniversary, organized by EMBO, FEBS and IUBMB.

2006 FEBS Advanced Course “From Functional Genomics to Molecular Proteomics”, Yerevan, Armenia.

2007 “Problems of Biochemistry, Radiation and Space Biology”, 3rd International Symposium under the auspices of UNESCO, dedicated to the centenary of Academician N.M. Sissakian, organized by Russian Academy of Science, Armenian Academy of Science and UNESCO, Moscow-Dubna, Russia.

2007 “Problems of Biochemistry, Molecular, Radiation Biology and Genetics”, International Symposium under the auspices of UNESCO, dedicated to the centenary of Academician N.M. Sissakian’s birth, organized by Russian Academy of Science, Armenian Academy of Science and UNESCO, Yerevan – Ashtarak, Armenia.

2007 10-th Jubilee Multidisciplinary International Conference of Biological Psychiatry “Stress and Behavior”, St-Peterburg, Russia.

2007 “Second International Medical Congress of Armenia”, Yerevan, Armenia.

2007 Young Scientist Conference 2007 Dedicated to H.Buniatian 100th anniversary.

2007 “Molecular Mechanisms of Regeneration – From Stem Cells to Organ Development, Function and Regeneration” Spetses Summer School, organized by FEBS and B.I.F., Island of Spetses, Greece.

2007 “Generating neuronal diversity in brain”, FEBS Workshop, Hotel La Palma, Capri, Italy

2007 “Structural, Functional, Neurochemical and Immunochemical aspects of brain asymmetry and plasticity”, St. Peterburg, Russia.

2008 “Neuronal plasticity and neurodegenerative disorders: Dysfunction and treatment”, Neuroscience Training in Europe, organized by FENS, supported by the European Commission, Research Directorate General, Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses, Innsbruck-Igls, Austria

2008 “Lipid peroxidation and free radical signaling: role in pathophysiology”, SFRR-E and FEBS Free Radical Summer School, Island of Spetses, Greece.

2008 “Non-Conducting Membrane Mechanisms of Under-Threshold Signal Transduction in Neurons”, UNESCO/IBRO Symposium, Yerevan Armenia.

2008 International scientific-practical conference “Prospects of Hematology and Blood Transfusion”, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Hematology center after prof. R.H. Yeolyan, Yerevan, Armenia.

2009 “The modern problems of integrative activity and plasticity of the nervous system”, International Scientific Conference dedicated to the 80th anniversary of academician V.V. Fanarjjan Birth, organized by NAS RA, L. Orbeli Institute of Physiology, IBRO, Yerevan, Armenia.

2009 “Autism is Treatable”, Clinical Seminar Level 1, Defeat Autism Now, organized by Autism Research Institute, Chicago, USA.

2009 “Treatment, Recovery and Prevention of Autism”, Autism ONE Conference, organized by Autism Research Institute Chicago, USA.

2009 “Proteins and their Network – from specific to global analysis”, Spetsai Summer School for PhD and Postdoctoral Students organized by EMBO and FEBS, Island of Spetses, Greece.

2009 International Symposium “Immune System of the Brain: Neurochemical and Neuroendocrine Aspects” dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Academician Armen Galoyan.

2009 VIII National Scientific-and-medical Congress “Humans Health” under motto “Armenia – Russia – Medicine without Borders”, Yerevan, Armenia.

2010 International Congress of Young Scientists, Yerevan, Armenia.

2010 “Analysis and Engineering of Biomolecular Systems”, FEBS Advanced Lecture Course, Island of Spetses, Greece.

2011 “31st FEBS Congress. Biochemistry for Tomorrow’s Medicine, Torino, Italy.

2011 EECAlink Project Conference and Fit for Health & Health-NCP-Net FP7 Health Partnering, funded by the European Commission, Brussels, Belgium.

2011 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference on Alzheimer’s disease, Paris, France.

2011 15th Congress of the European Federation of Neurological Societies, Budapest, Hungary.

2012 8th FENS Forum of Neuroscience, Barcelona, Spain

2012 FEBS Workshop on: Molecular and Cellular mechanisms in Angiogenesis, Capri, Italy

2013 ECNP Workshop in Neuropsychopharmacology for Young Scientists in Europe, Nice, France.

2013 “Strees and Behaviour”, International Symposium on Neuroscience and Biological Psychiatry, Yerevan, Armenia.

2013 The Third Jubilee International Conference of Neuroscience and Biological Psychiatry, Yerevan, Armenia.

2013 Annual Reporting Scientific Conference of YSMU, Yerevan, Armenia.

2014 The 6th International Conference of Cellvizio Users (ICCU), Nice, France.

2014 9th FENS Forum of Neuroscience, Milan, Italy.

2014 27th ECNP Congress, Berlin, Germany.

Activities in higher education area

2012 Training on “Internal Quality Assurance of Institutions and Academic Programs” within the Frames of ARQATA Project on Education Quality and Relevance Project 2, Yerevan, Armenia.

2012 Training on “Internal Quality Assurance of Institutions and Academic Programs” within the Frames of ARQATA Project on Education Quality and Relevance Project 2, Yerevan, Armenia.

2012 DIUS final conference “University self-assessment systems”, YSMU, Yerevan, Armenia

2012 Training on “Internal Quality Assurance of Institutions and Academic Programs” within the Frames of ARQATA Project on Education Quality and Relevance Project 2, Yerevan, Armenia.

2012 Summer academy “Trainings on Quality Assurance”, University of Koblenz-Landau, Koblenz, Germany.

2012 Training on “Internal Quality Assurance of Institutions and Academic Programs” within the Frames of ARQATA Project on Education Quality and Relevance Project 2, Yerevan, Armenia.

2012 Training on “Internal Quality Assurance of Institutions and Academic Programs” within the Frames of ARQATA Project on Education Quality and Relevance Project 2, Aghveran, Armenia.

2013 Trainings on “Education Quality and Relevance Second Project. Development and Improvement of the Quality Assurance”, Yerevan, Armenia.

2013 “Process of study Programme Adaptation to The Bologna Criteria – Spanish Quality Requirements and Bologna Ones: Concret Examples”, PICQA Tempus project, Alicante, Spain

2014 Workshop “On subject-specific evaluation and benchmarking”, PICQA Tempus project, Duesseldorf, Germany

2014 “Training on Salzburg principles”, VERITAS Tempus project, Graz, Austria.

2014 “Training and project meeting”, GOVERN Tempus project, Graz, Austria.

Awards and Honours

2001 – Diploma for the first place at the University’s Olympiad of Biochemistry, Yerevan, Armenia.

2002 – Diploma “The Best Report” presented at the “Jubilee Scientific Conference of Medical Students Devoted to the 10th Anniversary of the Foundation of Armenian Student’s Parliament”, Yerevan, Armenia.

2003 – Diploma “The Best Student” of the Faculty of General Medicine of 2001 – 2002 years, Yerevan, Armenia.

2003 – Diploma “The Best Student” of the Faculty of General Medicine of 2002 – 2003 years, Yerevan, Armenia.

2005 – Diploma “The Best Report” presented at the “Students Scientific Jubilee Medical Conference Dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of, Yerevan State Medical University”, Yerevan, Armenia.

2005 – The highest student honour of Yerevan State Medical University “Mkhitar Heratsi” scholarship, Yerevan, Armenia.

2005 – Honour “Silver Medal” of Yerevan State Medical University, Yerevan, Armenia.

2005 – Honour “Pharmacology department prize” conferred by the Academican V. Hakobyan (with the support of “Hayastan” All-Armenia Fund) for the Best Student Research Work of the Year, Yerevan, Armenia.

2007 – Honour “First premium for the Yong Scientists” at the 3rd International Symposium “Problems of Biochemistry, Molecular, Radiation Biology and Genetics”, dedicated to the centenary of Academician N.M. Sissakian’s birth under the auspices of UNESCO, organized by Russian Academy of Science, Armenian Academy of Science and UNESCO, Moscow-Dubna, Russia.

2007 – Honour “For attractive presentation” in Young Scientist Conference 2007 Dedicated to H.Buniatian 100th anniversary.

2010 – Winner of “Annual contest of young people scientific engineering and scientific research projects” under aegis of Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, Republic of Armenia.


2001-2014 – have been published 56 scientific papers 27 of them in abroad. He was an author of 4 manuals, 1 of them is mono, 3 of them with coauthors.

Awarded grants

2005-2014 – 18 grants and stipendiums have been awarded.

Personal data


Tel: (+37460) 621262, (+37410) 525520

Email: ;;

Speech title: “Guidelines for novel conceptual models of dementia: parameters and essential features of an ‘ideal theory’ on dementia” Speech title: “The Copernican Revolution in Understanding Ischemic Heart Disease: A Big Role for Little Blood Vessels” Speech title: “New approaches on Autistic Brain from Start-Up Data to Yet Undiscovered Mechanisms”


Plenary Speakers




Vahagn Ohanyan

Prof. Souren  Mkrtchian, PhD



Academic degrees

1975 – MD (graduated with honors), Yerevan Medical Institute, Armenia (USSR)

1980 – PhD (biochemistry), Yerevan State University, Armenia (USSR)

2002- PhD (cell and molecular biology), Karolinska Institute (KI), Stockholm, Sweden

2007 – Associate professor of cell and molecular biology, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.

Academic appointments

2006 – present Section of Pharmacogenetics, Institute for Pharmacology and Physiology, Karolinska Institute. Researcher, senior scientist, Associate Professor.

1997-2005 Division of Molecular Toxicology, Institute for Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institute. Researcher.

1991-1997 Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, Karolinska Institute. Guest researcher, researcher.

1988 – 1989 Department of   Biochemistry, University of Bergen, Norway. Guest researcher.

1975 – 1991 Department of Biochemistry, Yerevan Medical  Institute, Armenia.  Junior, senior researcher, assistant professor. 

Scientific publishing 

Author of 54 research and review articles in peer-reviewed international journals with impact factors ranging from three to 16 in the fields of biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, genetics, pharmacology, toxicology. 

Scientific evaluations 

Appointed as a member of examination board for a number of  PhD dissertations at Karolinska Institute (2004-2013)

Has been elected on a number of occasions as a PhD study half-time control seminar committee member at Karolinska Institute (2000-2013)

Scientific reviewer  for a number of international peer-reviewed journals  (Journal of Cell Sciences,, Cancer Research, Biotechnique, Pharmacogenetics, Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Experimental Cell Research, Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry, Gene, Endocrinology, Human Molecular Genetics, PLOS), Chem-Phys Interactions.

Reviewer of the international scientific projects (Dutch Research Council). 


Graduate and post-graduate level

1987-2014 Yerevan Medical Institute/Karolinska Institute

Main supervisor of three PhD students, co-supervisor of 12 PhD students (9 successful defenses up to date)

Supervisor of  postdoctoral fellows (4).

National and international recognition

Honorary doctor in Biochemistry of Yerevan Medical Institute, Armenia (2005)

Prof. Stephen Reynolds, PhD

Stephen J. Reynolds

Research Interests:

Dr. Reynolds’ research efforts focus on development of exposure assessment methods for organic and biological aerosols and the application of these methods for epidemiological investigations of respiratory disease. In particular, current research focuses on comparative assay and chemical (GC-MS) approaches to evaluating Gram-negative bacteria endotoxins and their role, along with genetic risk factors, in lung disease among agricultural workers. Related research into environmental causes of asthma and other respiratory disease problems among children and adults in non-industrial environments also focuses on effectiveness of interventions to prevent disease. Other initiatives include research concerning exposure assessment methods for pesticides, and development of international education programs for the occupational hygiene profession primarily in the former Soviet Union countries (Chair AIHA International Affairs Committee 2004/2005).

Dr. Reynolds is also Director of the CDC/NIOSH-funded High Plains Intermountain Center for Agricultural Health and Safety, and in that role is involved in rural and agricultural health research, education, outreach, and policy on a regional and national level.

  • Agricultural Health and Safety


Courses Taught:
  • Aerosols and Occupational Health
  • Environmental and Occupational Health
  • IH Research Seminar
  • Advanced Occupational Health
  • Industrial Hygiene


Current Research:
  • CDC: High Plains Intermountain Center for Agricultural Health and Safety (HICAHS) – Administrative Core (9/15/07 – 9/14/11)
  • CDC: High Plains Intermountain Center for Agricultural Health and Safety (HICAHA) – Endotoxin Dairy (9/15/07 – 9/14/11)


  • Carleton College, BA, Chemistry, 1977
  • University of Minnesota, MS, Environmental Health, 1983
  • University of Minnesota, PhD, Environmental Health, 1990
Vahagn Ohanyan, M.D., Ph.D.

Vahagn Ohanyan, M.D., Ph.D.


2006: Postgraduate student, Department of Medical Biology and Genetics Yerevan State Medical University After Mkhitar Heratsi, Yerevan Armenia

2004: Clinical Residency, Internal Disease Propaedeutics (section of cardiology), Yerevan State Medical University After Mkhitar Heratsi, Yerevan Armenia

2002: Doctor of Medicine degree, Yerevan State Medical University After Mkhitar Heratsi, Yerevan Armenia

Professional Experience

2012 – present: Research Assistant Professor, Department of Integrative Medical Sciences, Northeastern Ohio Medical University (NEOMED), Rootstown, Ohio

2007 – 2012: Ph.D. fellow, Department of Integrative Medical Sciences, Northeastern Ohio Medical University (NEOMED), Rootstown, Ohio

2006 – 2007: Senior researcher, Research Center of Yerevan State Medical University, Yerevan Armenia

2006 – 2007: Associate Professor, Department of Medical Biology and Genetics, Yerevan State Medical University, Yerevan Armenia

2002 – 2004: Senior laboratory Assistant, Department of Medical Biology and Genetics, Yerevan State Medical University, Yerevan Armenia

Special Courses

September 2008: “Small animals transthoracic and contrast echocardiography. Drug and gene delivery using ultrasound contrast echocardiography,” Oregon Health and Science University, Southwest Campus Drive, Portland, Ore.

May 2008: “Mouse and Rat Microsurgical Techniques Workshop,” Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, N.C.

September 2007: “Introduction to Laboratory Animal Care and Use and Occupational Health and Safety,” Northeastern Ohio Universities Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy (NEOUCOM), Roostown, Ohio

September – December 2004: “Human Electro-Cardio Gram (ECG),” University Hospital 1, Yerevan State Medical University, Yerevan Armenia

April – June 2003: “Human transthoracic echocardiography. Abdominal sonography.,” Yerevan State Medical University Ultrasound Laboratory, Yerevan Armenia


2011 – 2016: W.M. Chilian, Principal Investigator; “Microcirculatory Dynamics in the Coronary Circulation”; National Institutes of Health; Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute; RO1 HL32788; (Direct costs $1,165,640)

2010 – 2012: Vahagn Ohanyan, Principal Investigator, AHA Postdoctoral award: 10POST4360030, Title of Project: The role of Kv1.2 and Kv1.5 channels in coronary metabolic dilation. $90.000

2010 – 2011: W.M. Chilian, Principal Investigator, Lantheus Medical Imaging. Use of Definity Contrast Microbubbles for Imaging of Myocardial Blood Flow in Mice. $60,000

Honors and Awards

“Young Investigator Travel Award” (AHA), Los Angeles, Calif., 2012

“Young Investigator Travel Award” (AHA), Orlando, Fla., 2009

“Excellence in Teaching” of Medical Biology and Genetics, Yerevan State Medical University, Yerevan, Armenia, 2006

“The Best Student” awarded for academic excellence, School of Medicine, Yerevan State Medical University, Yerevan, Armenia, 1998-99

Speech title: “MicroRNAs as novel targets for drug development”

Speech title: “Impact of Aerosols on Respiratory Health of Dairy Workers and Residents Living Near Dairies: Discussion and Implications of Recent Research”

Speech title: “Microsurgery in rats”




Prof. Anne Wallis, PhD

Anne Baber Wallis

Prof. Wallis is a reproductive epidemiologist and global health scientist. On a recent Fulbright Fellowship in Armenia, she collaborated with Prof. Artashes Tadevosyan on the development of two environmental health studies set in Armenia. She is Principal Investigator of a multi-site longitudinal study of pregnancy in Romania. She has conducted research in eastern Europe, west Africa, the Caribbean, and India.

She is presently planning a pilot training program for traditional birth attendants in rural Pakistan.

Prof. Wallis was trained in maternal and child health at Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. She has taught numerous graduate-level courses in social epidemiology, perinatal epidemiology, evaluation research, urban health, maternal and child health, and qualitative methods.

She is presently an Associate Professor at the University of Louisville, where she is working with her colleagues to develop a masters program in global and maternal and child health.

Prof. Luciana Dini, PhD

Luciana Dini, PhD

Luciana Dini graduated in Biological Sciences at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. She was researcher of Istology and Citology (SSD Bio/06), at the Department of Biology, University of Rome Tor Vergata and Associated Professor of Comparative Anatomy and Cytology, at the Dept. of Biology, University of Lecce. From 2000 is Full Professor of Comparative Anatomy and Cytology, at the Dept. of Biological and Enviromental Science and Technologies (Di.S.Te.B.A.) University of Salento, Lecce, Italy.

She is member of the college of teachers for the PhD in Biology and Biotechnology (Salento University). She teach / ed Cytology and Histology, Developmental Biology, Comparative Anatomy, Cell Biology, Microscopic Techniques for Food Studying, Developmental Biotechnologies, Comparative Immunology, Cytotoxicology, Agro food industrial products and Cytotoxicology for Biology and Biotechnology undergraduate degrees. She was/is tutor of several experimental biological and biotechnological thesis and of PhD in Biology and Biotechnology thesis (Salento University, Lecce). 

She was Director of International Master ISUFI- Electron Microscopy: a tool for industrial quality and environmental monitoring. Lecce 2000/2000. At the present, she is Director of the Master, I level, of University of the Salento “Data Manager in oncology: expert in the design and management of clinical study”.

She has held various academic positions with management responsibilities. At the present she is Sciences Faculty delegate for Erasmus Commission of Salento University, member of the Parithetic Committee of Sciences Faculty and of the Management Commitee of Salento University of CESILD. She is member of several scientific societies. She was Responsible Director of S.I.M.E. Bulletin (1996- 1999) and Vicepresident of S.I.ME. 2000/2001. 

She participated to several International Conferences contributing either with oral or poster presentations. She was invited as speaker at several national and international conferences and courses, including GORDON RESEARCH CONFERENCE . Clearance of dying cells by phagocytes: mechanisms and consequences Connecticut college USA August 2003 and “Apoptotic cell death recognition” Bath college, New London USA June 2009. 

She organized International Conference, theoretical-practical schools, thematic courses, including Second Practical Workshop on Apoptosis ESH/ECDO “Relation between Biochemical and Morphological Events” (Lecce 21/26 June 1998), 3th Practical Intensive Workshop on 3D Confocal Microscopy” (Lecce September 2001), 5th Multinational congress on Electron Microscopy (Lecce 20/25 September 2001), 52th Congress G.E.I. 

She has been cited as outstanding research in the books “Who’s Who in Science and Engineering” 2003-2007 and “2000 outstanding scientists of the 21st century”. 

In 1987 she received the award of the ” Società Nazionale di Scienze Lettere ed Arti” in Napoli as better works in the field of the Cellular Biology, Gold medal of the Yerevan State University 2003-2005 and Laurea ad Honorem in Medicine of the Yerevan State University (Armenia) 2005. 

She is referee of national and international scientific journals. 

She is author of 3 text-books: “Microscopic Techniques for Food Studying” Manni Editor, “Citology and Istology” Idelson-Gnocchi Editor, “Developmental Biology” McGrowHill Editor. 
Her studies are documented by about 200 papers in extenso (H index 31) and more than 300 Communications to Conferences.

Bart Eggen, PhD

Bart J.L. Eggen

Personal information

name                           Bart J.L. Eggen
born                            December 6, 1965, Heerlen
work address              Department of Neuroscience, section Medical Physiology
Building 3215, room 0869
University of Groningen, University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)
A. Deusinglaan 1, 9713 AV Groningen, The Netherlands

Education and professional experience

2010-present  Assistant professor, Dept. Neuroscience (section Medical Physiology), UMCG, The Netherlands
2001-2010     Assistant professor, Dept. Developmental Genetics, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
1998-2000      Postdoc, Dept. Developmental Genetics, University of Groningen, The Netherlands (PI: Prof. dr. W. Kruijer)
1997-1998     Postdoc, Laboratory for Molecular Vertebrate Embryology at The Rockefeller University, New York, USA (PI: Prof. dr. A. Hemmati-Brivanlou)
1995-1997     Postdoc, Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the Dept. Neurobiology and Behavior, State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA (PI: Prof. dr. G. Mandel)
1991-1995      PhD degree at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Medical Biotechnology, Dept. Physiological Chemistry, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. Thesis title: Regulation of B-50/GAP-43 gene expression. (co-)promoters: Dr. L.H. Schrama and Prof. dr. W.H. Gispen
1989-1990      Researcher at the Dept. of Biochemical and Biophysical Sciences, University of Houston, Houston, USA (PI: Prof. dr. J. Eichberg)
1989                Master degree in Medical Biology, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
1984                VWO, St. Bernardinuscollege, Heerlen

PhD thesis co-promoter

2006      dr. K van der Borght, New neurons in the adult brain; a study on the regulation and function of
neurogenesis in the adult rodent hippocampus (Prof. dr. PG Luiten)
2006      dr. I Plaza-Menacho, Functional analysis of RET in MEN2 (Prof. dr. CHCM Buys)
2007      dr. H Schepers, Aberrant signal transduction and protein expression in acute myeloid leukemia (Prof. dr. E Vellenga)
2009      dr. SM Kooistra, Functional connections between UTF1, chromatin structure and embryonic stem cell pluripotency (Prof. dr. PJM van Haastert)
2010      dr. MM Moreira Alves, Functional and genetic studies in MEN2 and Hirschsprung disease (Prof. dr. RMW Hofstra)
2011      dr. RP Thummer, Characterization and role of UTF1 in embryonic stem and carcinoma cells. Implications for regulation of gene expression, chromatin structure and differentiation (Prof. dr. PJM van Haastert)
2013      dr. V Kannan, Modulation of microglia activity (Prof. dr. HWGM Boddeke)

Research Interest

My research focused on the molecular pathways involved in mammalian development and cancer. Many pathways important for mammalian development are also implicated in oncogenesis, as development requires extensive cellular proliferation and differentiation. Alterations in these processes are common in oncogenesis. In the field of development and cancer, epigenetics has become a prominent research topic, as epigenetics is instrumental for regulation of gene expression profiles, differentiation and proliferation of cells and a critical determinant of cellular identity. Currently, my research is focused on the (epi)genetic regulation of microglia function, in the context of aging and disease.


University Teaching Qualification (BKO; 2014)

Lecturer in courses in Biology, Life Sciences and Technology, Medical Sciences, (TOP) Master and Honours College curriculum, both at the Bachelor and Master level
Course topics include: genetics, cell biology, molecular biology and medical biology, stem cells, neuroscience, glia, signal transduction, presentation skills

Lecturer in current courses (both lectures and practicals), including Cell Biology, Genetics, Membrane signaling and Disease, Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, Stem Cells and Glia Biology and developed 6 new courses (both lectures and practicals; Molecular Genetics and Genomics, Cell Biology 2, Molecular Biology and Medical Biology, Molecular Genetics, Minor congress, and A comprehensive understanding of Stem Cell Biology)

Selected other activities

Member review committee for TOP and ECHO grants, Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO)

Reviewer MRC council grants, UK

Reviewer Veni, Vidi and Vici grant applications Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO)

Reviewer grant applications Dutch Cancer Society KWF

Peer reviewer numerous journals in the fields of stem cells, molecular biology and neuroscience, including Stem Cells, Stem Cell Reports, Glia and British Journal of Pharmacology

Co-founder of Dutch Society for Stem Cell Research,

Organizer 1st & 9th Dutch Stem Cell Meeting (2008, 2014)

Co-organizer 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Dutch Stem Cell Meeting (2009-2015)

Organizer 9th Dutch Chromatin Meeting, 2011

Member Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (DEC, 2015-present)

Reviewer of textbook Genomes 3, by T.A. Brown, Garland Science

Organized theme Nacht van de Kunst en Wetenschap 2011

Interviewed by Radio Noord, 2014, difference in male/female development

Appearance in talkshow in Stand van Stad, 2015, somatic stem cells in transplantation therapy

Interviewed by Dagblad van het Noorden, 2015, stem cells, promice, state of the art

Publiekslezing BCN, Genetic networks in the brain

Book chapters

1. Boddeke HWGM, Eggen BJ, Biber KP (2013) Cytokine, chemokine and growth factor receptors and signaling. Kettenmann and Ransom (Eds.) Neuroglia, 3rd edition, Chapter 22, Oxford University Press

2. Eggen BJ and Brivanlou AH (1999) BMP antagonists and neural induction. Encyclopedia of Life Sciences

3. Schrama LH, Eggen BJ, De Graan PN, Oestreicher AB, Schotman P, Gispen WH (1994) The neuronal PKC substrate B-50/GAP-43 in plasticity. Canonico PL, Scapagnini U, Pamparana F, Routtenberg A (Eds.) Protein kinase C in the CNS focus on neuronal plasticity, Masson, Milano, 17-29

Speech title: “Barefoot Epidemiology: Novel Approaches to Global Health Problems”

Speech title: “Light and nanoparticles: new approaches for cancer therapy”

Speech title: “Aging of the neuroimmune system“
Bernard Karian Manuilov  Ronald Sani
Prof. Bernard Karian, DDS Prof. Manuilov B. M, PhD Prof. Ronald Sani, DDS
Topic: The History of Dental Education and the Development of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in the United States Topic: The achievement of clinical usage of innovative phytoremedies in general dentistry and maxillofacial surgery

Topic: Stainless Steel Crowns in the Primary Dentition


 MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA   Shukuryan  sisakyan
Prof. Avraham Avital, PhD




Full Name: Avraham Avital
Address: Tzivoni st. 11, Sarid, 3658900
Home Phone: +972-4-6401504
Mobile: +972-50-6503361


1997-1999: M.A., Haifa University, Psychobiology, magna cum lauda.

1999- 2003: Ph.D, Haifa University, Psychobiology.


2012 – Present : Assistant Professor, Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion.

2010 – 2011: Temporary (summer) Department of Psychology Chair, The Yezreel Valley College (YVC).

2009 – 2011: Tenure position, Department of Psychology, YVC.

2008 – 2011: Head of The Center for Psychobiological Research, YVC.

2006 – 2012: Scientific consultant, Neurobiology, Weizmann Institute of Science.

2003-2006: Postdoctorate training, Neurobiology, The Weizmann Institute of Science.



2000 – 2003: Neurobiology of learning and memory, undergraduate.

2000 – 2003:  Neurobiology of mental disease, undergraduate.

2001 – 2011: The psychology of learning and behavior, undergraduate.

2001 – 2011: Statistics, undergraduate.

2004: Experimental Methodology and Statistics, undergraduate.

2004: Psychoneuroendocrinology, graduate.

2006 – 2009: Introduction to Physiology, undergraduate.

2009 – 2011: Schizophrenia as a multi-dimensional disease, undergraduate.

2013: Learning, memory and behavior, graduate.

2014 – Present: The Neurobiology of attention processes, graduate.


2011:   Rodent control training program (Certified by the Israeli Ministry of Health), M.D,

Graduate and undergraduate.

2011:   “Research methodology and statistics – from basic to clinical science”,

Emek Medical Center, MD.

2012 – Present: Head of the young basic science leadership program: The Israeli
Society for Biological Psychiatry, Graduate.

Prof. Arthur Shukuryan, PhD


PhD, Professor

Chief Otorhinolaryngologist of MH RA and Yerevan

In 1979 he graduated from YMI, therapeutic faculty with distinction.

Medical practice. In 1981 he finished residency on the base of the First Moscow State Medical Institute.

Since 1981 to 1984 he passed post-graduate course on otorhinolaryngology in MSMI.

In 1984 he defended the thesis on “Clinic immunologic parallels during different forms of chronic tonsillitis” for a degree of a candidate of Medical Sciences in Moscow.

In 1985 he worked as a junior scientific worker at the chair of laryngology in YMI.

Since 1985 to 1991 he worked as a senior scientific worker at the chair of laryngology in YMI after M. Heratsi.

In 1991 he is an assistant professor of the above mentioned chair in YMI after M. Heratsi.

In 1992 he experienced as the head of laryngology department in “Erebouni” MC.

Since 1996 to 2002 he experienced as the deputy rector on international relations of YSMU after M. Heratsi.

In 2000 he defended the thesis on “Surgical rehabilitation of patients with conductive hypoacusis” for a degree of a doctor of Medical Sciences.

Since 2001 he is a professor of YSMU after M. Heratsi. Same year he was awarded the Prize for Public Health of the RA President.

Since 2008 he is the head of the chair of laryngology of YSMU after M.Heratsi.

He introduced two state programs cochlear implant, hearing screening of newborns.

He was awarded the honorary title “Honorary Doctor of the Republic of Armenia” for significant achievements and significant contribution to the development of the health sector in the Republic of Armenia.

Improvements. In 1992, 1994 and since 1997 to 1999 he periodically passed improvements in Armand Trausso Hospital, Paris, France.

In 1990 and 1997 he passed improvements course on Laryngological Hospital in Munich, Germany.

In 1993 he passed retraining in the House Ear Institute, USA.

In 1999 he participated in Cornell’s Seminar, Salzburg, Austria.

In 2001 he passed improvement in Columbia University of Cornell’s University MC, New-York, the USA.

In 2003 he passed improvements in Hotinngen, Germany and UCLA, LA in Los Angeles, the USA.

In 2006 he passed improvement in Hanover, Germany. Also he passed the improvement in Vienna and Paris.

He is a member of European Society of Children’s Laryngologists, since 2008 he is the president of Armenian Association of Otorhinolaryngology.

Prof. Hamayak Sisakyan, PhD

Hamayak S. Sisakyan


Head of Therapeutic Service in the Medical Center

1992-1994 Resident (Clinical Ordinatura) at Department of Internal Diseases N 1, Division of Cardiology, Yerevan State Medical University, “Erebouni” Medical Center
1986-1992 Medical student, General Medicine Faculty, Yerevan State Medical University
1976-1986 Secondary School N 1 with physics-mathematical bias, Yerevan Yerevan State Medical University, General Medicine Faculty., finished with honours (Red Diploma)

Professional Activity:
1994-1999 Assistant Professor, Internal Diseases Department N 1, Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi, “Erebouni” Medical Center
2000-2003 Associate Professor
1999-2004 Head of Echocardiography Unit at Erebouni Medical Center
2004-2010 Professor and Chairman, Internal Diseases Department 1, Internal diseases and Cardiology Clinic, University Hospital N 1, Yerevan State Medical University ( YSMU )
Since 2010 Head of Department of General and Invasive Cardiology, University Hospital 1 , YSMU
Since 2000 Co-Director and Co-Founder , Ultrasound Education University Center (affiliation of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Jefferson Ultrasound Research and Education Institute, Philadelphia)

Scientific Activity:
81 scientific publications (23 in peer reviewed journals)
Since 2013 Fellow, American Heart Association( FAHA )
Armenian Cardiologic Association, Board Member
European Society of Cardiology
Association of Heart Failure, Member
Association of Echocardiography of European Society of Cardiology, Member
Radiology Society of North America (RSNA)

2005, 2010
Gold Medal of Yerevan State Medical University

Research Career:
1992-1994 Competitor for the degree of Candidate of Medical Science, Internal Diseases Department N 1, Scientific – Research Center, Yerevan State Medical University.
1994 Defence of a thesis on topic “Cardioprotective effect of the products of lymphocytes activity”, Yerevan , Armenia
2001 Defence of doctoral theses on topic “ Clinical and pathogenetic characteristics of myocardial remodeling in idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy”- Doctor of Medical Sciences, Moscow 2001,   at  Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy Scientific Council.

Speech titles: “ECNP supported lecture: The trajectory of research: from good idea successful presentation”

“Social cooperation in rodents as a behavioral prism into Autism spectrum investigation”

 Speech title: “Experience of Cochlear inplantation in Armenia”  Speech title: “Cardiology: from past to  future”






Prof. Kevork Hopayian, MD

Kevork Hopayian

Kevork Hopayian is a GP in Leiston, Suffolk, GP Tutor for Suffolk and an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of East Anglia.

He teaches Evidence-Based Practice on the Ipswich GP specialist training scheme and on the MSc course for Health Sciences at UEA.

He was on the Primary Care Guidelines Review Panel of the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence until 2006.

Prof. Rafi Avitsyan, MD

Rafi Avitsian, MD

Department: General Anesthesiology
Vice Chair for Professional Development
Location:Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
Mail Code E31
9500 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44195
Appointment: 216.444.9735

Type of Doctor:
Adults Only

Research & Publications

( † Disclaimer: This search is powered by PubMed, a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine. PubMed is a third-party website with no affiliation with Cleveland Clinic.)

Biographical Sketch

Rafi Avitsian M.D. is the Vice Chair for Professional Development in the Department of General Anesthesiology in Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF) in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. He is also the Section Head for the Neurosurgical Anesthesiology as well as the program director of Neuroanesthesia fellowship program. In addition to his clinical practice in the department as a staff anesthesiologist he is an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology in Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University.

He is of Armenian origin. Born in Iran, he immigrated to Canada later in life before coming to Cleveland Clinic, where he completed his internship, residency and fellowship, with a focus on neurosurgical anesthesiology. After graduation, he joined the staff in the Department of General Anesthesiology at Cleveland Clinic. He is board-certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology.

His clinical interests include neurosurgical anesthesia, particularly anesthesia for intracranial vascular surgeries. His clinical studies are directed mostly towards finding the optimal anesthetic methods to decrease post-operative complications after neurosurgery. He is also interested in airway management, especially for patients with difficult airway issues, and he has an active role in teaching as well as innovating in the area of airway management.

Dr. Avitsian also has special passion for resident education and was awarded various teaching awards including: Best Teacher of the Year, the Arthur Barnes Distinguished Teacher Award and the Distinguished Educator Award.

Professional Highlights

American Board of Anesthesiology Part 2 exam question writing committee

American Board of Anesthesiology Oral Examiner, appointed 2009

Committee on Problem Based Learning Discussion (PBLD), American Society of Anesthesiologists (2006-present)

Advisory board member, Center for International Medical Education, Cleveland Clinic

Education & Fellowships

Fellowship – Cleveland Clinic

Neurosurgical Anesthesiology
Cleveland, OH USA

Residency – Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland, OH USA

Internship – Cleveland Clinic

Internal Medicine
Cleveland, OH USA

Medical School – Tehran University School of Medicine

Tehran Iran



Specialty Interests

brain protection, education in anesthesiology, general anesthesia, neurosurgical anesthesiology

Awards & Honors

Scholarship in Teaching Award, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio, 2011

Program Director’s Certificate Award, Cleveland Clinic 2013

Recipient of “Gold Medal” from Yerevan State Medical University for advancing Education during the 90th anniversary of the University 2010

Certificate of Appreciation from Ministry of Health in Armenia 2007 for organizing a teaching workshop for airway management.

Recipient “Arthur Barnes Distinguished Teacher Award” by SRNA school, Division of General Anesthesiology Critical Care and Comprehensive Pain Management, Cleveland Clinic 2006.
Scholarship in Teaching Award, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio, 2006.

Recipient of Distinguished Educator I Certificate, Cleveland Clinic Foundation 2006.
Awarded “Teacher of the Year”, Department of General Anesthesiology, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, 2006.

Innovations & Patents

“Intrajugular Catheter and method” US Patent US8366698

“Medical Device Sheath” US Patent US 8870752 B2

“Oral suction device with ventilation capability”, US Patent PCT/US2011/056378


American Society of Anesthesiologists

Society Of Neurosurgical Anesthesia And Critical Care

Ohio Society of Anesthesiologists

Society for Airway Management

Northern Ohio Medical Association/ Academy of Medicine in Cleveland

Armenian Healthcare Professionals of Ohio

Prof. Vincent O’Brien, PhD

Vincent O’Brien

PhD, Professor

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, now lives and works in Manchester. Formerly professor of International Health and Visual Ethnography at the University of Cumbria Vincent’s work as a visual ethnographer is internationally acclaimed. With more than 30 years experience in academia he has worked on numerous international projects with partners  in Austria, Armenia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Finland, Georgia, Italy, Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan, Hungary, Moldova, Norway, Romania, Slovenian and the USA. He is currently a Visiting Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University. His previous international roles include: Visiting Professorships at the Kazakh National Medical University; the State University of New York, the University of Ottawa and the  Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro and  Academic Advisor to the Cluj School of Public Health, Babes Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca, Romania.

Vincent developed the practice of Collaborative Visual Ethnography, a unique and innovative process combining research, community engagement and public ethnography focusing on active engagement of people and communities in research and community development. Vincent is the founder of Visible Voice, and international network of researchers, practitioners and communities using visual methods to explore and respond to local health and social challenges.

Speech title: “Why medicine needs a scientific foundation” Speech title: “Medical education and accreditation and licensing” Speech title: “Collaborative Visual Ethnography: ‘Making Sense’ for Health and Wellbeing”


The Conference will have the following structure:

  • Basic Medical Sciences
  • Internal Diseases
  • Surgical Diseases
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Dentistry
  • ENT
  • Ophthalmological Diseases
  • Public Health, Hygiene, Epidemiology
  • Neurology, Psychiatry and Medical Psychology
  • Medical Law

Satellite meeting on Familial Mediterranean Fever (Armenian disease) will take place within the Conference.